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Company Profile
We offer customer-specific refractory solution                              
Yanmu is a professional solution provider of a wide range of shaped and unshaped industrial refractory material for high emperature application by e.g. steel plants,   cement factories, glassworks, refractory plants etc. With our own manufacturing facilities in China, as well as the excellent products from our carefully selected contract partners across China, Yanmu is able to provide our customers tailor-made refractory solution in one package, supported by our local professional technical engineers with rich experience and know-how in refractory industry. This characteristic is implied also in our company slogan “refractory for you”.

Quality lies at the heart of our philosophy
Yanmu attaches great importance to our product quality. Not only the production process is fully complied with ISO9001 standard, we carry out an stricter quality control protocol called “3-Check”, so that the intermediate product of every single sub-process, all the way from raw material selection to end product packing, is carefully checked and well documented by its sub-process owner, its downstream sub-process owner, and an independent quality controlling team. This protocol is aiming to minimize the quality problem in end product. On top of that, every production batch is well identified and labeled, so that every potential problem is traceable.
We make continuous improvement 
Yanmu always keeps updated with the cutting-edge technologies, new process and advanced management method in refractory industry and try to integrate them into our daily operation. We have done and will continue to carry out optimization for our key production equipment and our delivery process. By doing that, we are able to offer our customer state-of-the-art refractory product, which is more durable and energy-friendly.
Optimizing our customer’s cost is our strategy
Yanmu strives to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of our customer. Our philosophy is to share the benefit of above mentioned optimization and improvement in technology, production or delivery process with our customers, and support them for making bigger success by being able to offering their client better product with attractive price.
We are a team with passion
Every success of Yanmu is ascribed to the joint effort and intelligence of our members as a team. We value our employees, just as we value our customers and partners. Yanmu is dedicated to provide our employee a platform, where they can develop their talent and passion and grow with the company together.