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A blast furnace is a vertical furnace used for iron making. From top to down a blast furnace is divided into throat, upper stack, middle stack, lower stack, belly, bosh, hearth and bottom. Different part of blast furnace features different nature of refractory lining wearing. As to throat and upper stack, for instance, the abrasion of the incoming burden makes the main contribution to wearing. While in area such as lower stack, belly and hearth of blast furnace, where temperature is significant higher, chemical corrosion of alkali, zinc vapor, molten iron and slag become the main wearing factors. 
Yanmu provides a complete product series of shaped and unshaped refractory products for blast furnace, which are carefully engineered to fit various operation circumstance inside the furnace, in order to extend the campaign life of blast furnace in an economic way. 
We are ready to provide our know-how and consultation service regarding refractory material design for the whole blast furnace.

Standard Refractory Brick for Blast Furnace

Yanmu offers for blast furnace various type of refractory brick, whose anti-abrasion property, physical strength, refractoriness, corrosion-resistance are properly balanced and optimized in different part of blast furnace. By doing that, we...

Si3N4 bonded SiC Refractory Brick for Blast Furnace

This product is manufactured from high purity SiC as aggregate, mixed with silica powder and other additive, which are sintered together in nitriding furnace at high temperature. It is characterized by excellent resistance to thermal shock,...

Sialon bonded SiC Refractory Brick for Blast Furnace

This product is manufactured from high quality silicon carbide, mixed with silica powder and other additive, and sintered together at around 1500C. Compared with Si 3 N 4 bonded SiC brick, it is characterized by better resistance to corrosio...

Sialon bonded Fused Alumina (Corundum) Refractory Brick for Blast Furnace

This product is manufactured from high quality fused and sintered alumina, mixed with silica powder. It inherits high physical strength and excellent resistance to thermal shock from Sialon material, and the superior resistance to alkali met...

Carbon Brick for Blast Furnace

Due to its property of high conductivity, low surface wettability and low permeability of molten iron, carbon brick is used extensively in bosh, hearth and bottom of blast furnace. Yanmu offers various carbon brick used for different applica...

Micro-pore Corundum Brick and Composite Carbon Brick for Ceramic Cup, Tuyere, Taphole and Slag Notch

Micro-pore corundum brick is produced from fused Alumina as raw material with special additives through certain processing mechanism, so that microspores are properly formed. Its superior alkali-resistance, slag-resistance and proportion of...

Monolithic (Powder) Refractory Product for Throat and Upper Stack of Blast Furnace

Chamotte abrasion-resistant castable, for instance, is used to fill the gap between the cooling stave and furnace shell or between brick and furnace shell in upper stack, also form part of the pipe for crude coal gas. Similarly, self-flowing...

Monolithic (Powder) Refractory Product for Lower Stack, Belly, Bosh and Hearth of Blast Furnace

Water-free injection mix is used to fill the gap between outer shell and cooling stave, which would form a protection layer and extend the service life of a blast furnace. Corundum ramming mix and carbonaceous ramming mix are used to fill th...