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Micro-pore Corundum Brick and Composite Carbon Brick for Ceramic Cup, Tuyere, Taphole and Slag Notch

Micro-pore corundum brick is produced from fused Alumina as raw material with special additives through certain processing mechanism, so that microspores are properly formed. Its superior alkali-resistance, slag-resistance and proportion of micro-pore excels the industrial level of similar products. This product is used typically for ceramic cup of blast furnace. Apart from that, it can also be applied for tuyere, taphole and slag notch.
Composite carbon brick is a special composite product. It features good resistance to molten iron, slag and alkali, which is typical for ceramic cup refractories, as well as the excellent thermal conductivity, which is inherited from carbon material. It finds its application in ceramic cup, tuyere, taphole and slag notch of blast furnace with various sizes.

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