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Monolithic (Powder) Refractory Product for Throat and Upper Stack of Blast Furnace

Chamotte abrasion-resistant castable, for instance, is used to fill the gap between the cooling stave and furnace shell or between brick and furnace shell in upper stack, also form part of the pipe for crude coal gas. Similarly, self-flowing castable is used between brick and furnace shell in throat area, and SiC ramming mix between cooling stave and furnace shell in other area.
Refractory cushion mortar is produced from quality alumina-silica or silicon carbide as raw material plus binder, cushion and other additive. This product is used in to fill the gap between aluminosilicate or SiC-based refractory brick and blast furnace shell respectively, in order to cushion the thermal expansion strength.
One of the Water-free refractory mortars UR7111MF is designed for S3N4- or Sialon-bonded SiC brick, whereas the other one UR8211MF for Sialon-bonded fused alumina brick.

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