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Monolithic (Powder) Refractory Product for Lower Stack, Belly, Bosh and Hearth of Blast Furnace

Water-free injection mix is used to fill the gap between outer shell and cooling stave, which would form a protection layer and extend the service life of a blast furnace.
Corundum ramming mix and carbonaceous ramming mix are used to fill the joint ring of ceramic cup or to fill the gap between carbon brick and cooling stave respectively.
The material for refractory mortar is in principle in line with corresponding refractory brick to be worked on. Therefore, three types of refractory mortar listed below are used for carbon brick, Al2O3-C brick and corundum brick (for ceramic cup) respectively.
Filling material, whether it is SiC based or iron scrap based, is used to fill the joints of cooling stave.

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