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Modern hot blast stove is supposed to work with hot-blast temperature of 1300°C or above, especially in high-temperature area such as upper checker chamber and combustion chamber. Meanwhile, its campaign life is expected to be around 30 years, which are calculated as twice as much as that of corresponding blast furnace. These two challenging factors demand a refractory solution with high thermal stability, good resistance to thermal creep, high refractoriness under load and a reasonable cost.
Yanmu offers for modern hot blast stove series of shaped and unshaped products, whose chemical and physical properties are carefully engineered to fit the requirement of different part of the stove.
Yanmu is ready to provide our client professional consultation regarding refractory & insulation solution design as well as heat-up & cool-down process for various type of hot blast stove including that with internal combustion chamber, external combustion chamber or pre-chamber at the top (Kalugin). 
Standard Refractory Silica-, Chamotte- and High-Alumina-Brick for Hot Blast Stove

Standard refractory silica-, chamotte- and high-alumina-bricks are used in typically in checker chamber and ceramic burner....

Premium Silica Brick for Hot Blast Stove

Yanmus premium silica brick features low creep, high thermal stability at high temperature and good price performance ratio. So it is used extensively for checker brick and lining brick in e.g. upper checker chamber or combustion chamber....

Low-Creep Chamotte and High-Alumina Brick for Hot blast Stove

The series of chamotte and high-alumina brick feature low thermal creep and high thermal stability. They can be used extensively in various parts of hot blast stove such as wall, checker chamber, combustion chamber, and wall of blast mixing...

Mullite-Brick for Hot Blast Stove

While Yanmus mullite-brick share the same low creep and high thermal stability at high temperature with silica brick, it features a bigger thermal capacity and better thermal stability at low temperature. These properties combined would enha...

Andalusite Brick for Hot Blast Stove

Andalusite bbrick is an advanced refractory and is used typically for hot blast stove with very high operation temperature, e.g. above 1350C or even 1450C....

Refractory Castable for Hot Blast Stove

Dense chamotte castable, thermal shock resistant castable and castable for pipe are used in bottom, combustion chamber, ceramic burner, blast pipes flue pipe respectively....

Refractory Mortar used for Hot Blast Stove

Various silica-, aluminosilicate-, chamotte- and high-alumina-mortar are used for laying brick with corresponding materials in hot blast stove....

Insulation Spraying Mix for Hot Blast Stove

This product is used to form the insulation layer of combustion chamber, blast mixing pipe and hot blast pipe of hot blast stove....

SiC Filling Material for Hot Blast Stove

This product is used for arch spring of hot blast stove....