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Hot Metal Mixer & Transfer Ladle
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    Iron Making and Ferroalloy Metallurgy
    Steel Making
    Secondary Refining of Steel
    Continuous Casting & Tundish
    Non-ferrous Metallurgy
    Cement Kiln and Glass Kiln
    Refractory Raw Material
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Hot metal mixer is a storage and buffering unit for molten iron before it enters steelmaking process. It also serves to keep the iron temperature, homogenize the distribution of chemical composition in molten iron, and enable a smooth transition between iron making and steelmaking process. Al2O3-SiC based unshaped material, above all the refractory low-cement castable and gunning mix, are used predominately for hot metal mixer's working lining and inlet, while high-alumina or chamotte refractory castable is used for permanent (safety) lining.
Hot metal transfer ladle is used to transfer the molten iron from torpedo or hot metal mixer to BOF or EAF. Repeatedly filling-up and emptying operations of hot metal transfer ladle require a refractory lining with high thermal stability and anti-abrasion property. Due to the similar circumstance, the same or similar refractory design concept for hot metal mixer can be applied to hot metal transfer ladle, which means that Al2O3-SiC-C or Al2O3-SiC based shaped or unshaped refractory products are used extensively.
In case that Hot-Metal-Pretreatment take place in hot metal transfer ladle instead of torpedo ladle, then the similar refractory lining concept for torpedo should be applied here. 
Al2O3-SiC (Ultra-) Low-Cement Castable for Hot Metal Mixer

This product is manufactured from high-grade bauxite, fused alumina and silicon carbide. During the production (ultra) low cement technique is applied so that the physical and thermal property of the product during the operation phase is enh...

High-Alumina Castable for Permanent (Safety) Lining of Hot Metal Mixer and Hot Metal Transfer Ladle

This High-Alumina Castable is used for build permanent (safety) lining of hot metal mixer and hot metal transfer ladle....

Hot Gunning Mix for Hot Metal Mixer and Hot Metal Transfer Ladle

This gunning mix is used for repairing the working lining of hot metal mixer and hot metal transfer ladle. It can significantly extend the service life of the mixer/ladle, due to its good resistance to slag corrosion, thermal shock and abras...

Al2O3-SiC-C Brick for Hot Metal Transfer Ladle

This product is manufactured from high-grade bauxite, fused alumina, silicon carbide and graphite as raw material, plus phenolic resin as binder and anti-oxidation. Mixing, high-pressure molding and low-temperature thermal processing are car...

Al2O3-SiC Refractory Castable for Hot Metal Transfer Ladle

This product is Al 2 O 3 -SiC based castable and is used extensively in various type of hot metal transfer ladle. The raw material selection, raw material quantity, particle size distribution, and selection of additives and binder is careful...

Al2O3-SiC Refractory Mortar used for Hot Metal Transfer Ladle

This Al 2 O 3 -SiC based refractory mortar is used for laying the Al 2 O 3 -SiC-C brick in hot metal transfer ladle....