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Refractory Raw Material
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Dead Burnt Magnesia

Dead burnt magnesia is produced from caustic calcined magnesite with MgO content of 95-97%. It is manufactured by briquetting and sintering in shaft kiln fueled with natural gas at controlled temperature. It features high bulk density, low impurities ...

High Purity Dead Burnt Magnesia

High purity dead burnt magnesia is produced from carefully processed CCM with high MgO content with the state-of-the-art production facilities e.g. briquetting machine and high temperature shaft kiln. The product is characterized by high MgO...

Fused Magnesia

Fused magnesia is produced from carefully selected premium CCM with high MgO content, which is fused in well-controlled electric arc furnaces. The product features high MgO content, low level of impurities, and high bulk density. Therefore i...

Large- Periclase-Crystal Fused Magnesia

Large- Periclase-crystal fused magnesia is one of the top products of Yanmu GmbH. Due to careful selection of raw material and special manufacturing process, this kind of fused magnesia features very high MgO content, very low impurities, bi...

Fused Magnesia-Chrome

Yanmus fused magnesia-chrome is ideal raw material for shaped or unshaped refractory product such as fused magnesia-chrome brick and magnesia-chrome ramming mix. It features excellent erosion resistance and thermal volume stability for end r...

Sintered Magnesia-Alumina Spinel

With high-grade bauxite or high-quality industrial alumina, sintered magnesia-alumina spinel is made by fine milling, high-pressure briquetting and high-temperature (up to 1800C) sintering in rotary kiln. It exhibits high degree of hardness,...

Fused Magesia-Alumina Spinel

With high quality alumina and magnesia as raw material, fused magnesia-alumina spinel is made by fusing in electric arc furnace. It is a deal raw material for shaped and unshaped refractory product used for cement rotary kiln, steel refining...

Calcined Bauxite

With high-grade ore as raw material, calcined bauxite is produced by uniformly sintering at rotary kiln at around 1700C. The product is characterized by its high bulk density and compact structure. It is therefore used especially for product...

Sintered Tabular Corundum

With calcined alumina as raw material, this product is produced by homogeneously sintering at high temperature above 1800C. It is characterized by large corundum crystal, uniform microstructure and big proportion of intergranular closed pore...

Brown Fused Alumina

Brown fused alumina, also known as brown corundum, is produced from premium bauxite by fusing at electric arc furnace with a temperature over 2250C. It is an ideal raw material of manufacturing high-alumina shaped and unshaped refractory pro...

White Fused Alumina

This product is produced from calcined alumina by fusing at an electric arc furnace under carefully controlled conditions. The fused alumina is white in color and features high density, high hardness, high purity and a predominant proportion...

Fused Zirconia-Corundum

This product (Al 2 O 3- ZrO 2 ) is manufactured from zircon sand, zirconia ore and alumina by fusing at electric arc furnaces. Its high hardness and high purity make it an ideal raw material for making Al 2 O 3 - ZrO 2 -C sliding gate with a...

Silicon Carbide

Yanmus silicon carbide is produced from high-grade petrol coke and high-purity quartz grain by melting at electric arc furnace with a temperature around 2000C, crushing, acid- and alkali-washing and fine sieving. It is characterized by high...

Sintered Dolomite

Yanmus sintered dolomite is produced from high-quality calcium magnesium carbonate as raw material by sintering at high temperature (up to 1800 C) rotary kilns. It exhibits low impurities and high density, which are in favor of an excellent...

Fused Mullite-Zirconia

This product is an ideal raw material for high-end sliding gate, ladle shroud, nozzle as well as in glass industry....