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Yanmu offers various refractory solutions for runner of medium- and small-sized blast furnace (<2000m3) as well as of large-sized blast furnace (>2000m3).
We offer for instance standard taphole mix for medium- and small-sized blast furnace, and water-free taphole mix for large-sized blast furnace.
While our baking-free Ramming mix and fast baking castable is used for runner of medium- and small-sized blast furnace, which features an especially easy and quick installation, our standard refractory castable and gunning mix are used together for runner of large-sized blast furnace, which is engineered to extend the service life and to optimize the refractory consumption per ton iron.
Our refractory castable series for runner is designed to be suitable for either on-site casting or pre-casting.
Blast Furnace Taphole Mix

Yanmus taphole mix is Al 2 O 3 -SiC-C based high-end refractory product, which is produced from high quality raw material such as fused alumina, mullite, coke, silicon carbide and silicon nitride. It features high plasticity, short sintering...

Baking-free Ramming Mix for Runner

This product is used for the main runner or iron runner of small- or medium-sized blast furnace. One of the advantages of this product is that tapping can be done right after the installation without baking, which would significantly enhance...

Fast Baking Refractory Castable for Runner

This product is manufactured from high quality fused alumina, bauxite and SiC as main raw material, which is mixed with quick-drying agent. Tapping can be done after 2-3 hours baking, which significantly enhance the tapping operation efficie...

Refractory Castable for Runner

This product is Al 2 O 3 -SiC-C based monolithic refractory product and is designed for runner of large-sized blast furnace. It is characterized by its good resistance to abrasion, corrosion and excellent durability under long-term charging...

Refractory Gunning Mix for Runner

By repairing operation of iron runner gunning mix features in general less labor intensity during installation, shorter installation time and lower material consumption than shotcreting mix. Yanmus gunning mix exhibits a good resistance to c...

Refractory Castable for Runner Cover

This refractory castable is used for the runner cover of large-sized blast furnace. It is designed to prevent the heat-loss and to enhance the safety of operation employee....