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Torpedo Ladle
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 Torpedo ladle is used to transport the molten iron from blast furnace to BOF converter and is the vessel, where the hot-metal-pretreatment takes place. During the operation, the refractory lining and mouth müssen withstand the impact of incoming iron, abrasion of molten iron being stirred, thermal shock caused by repeatedly filling-up and emptying of molten iron, as well as the strong corrosion of agents for hot-metal-pretreatment such as Desulfurization and dephosphorization agent
To this end, Yanmu's would suggest to use Al2O3-SiC-C Brick as main refractory for the lining and mouth of torpedo.  Whereas different class of Al2O3-SiC-C bricks, which is produced from various raw material and with different production process, are recommended for various part of the ladle respectively.
High-Alumina- or Al2O3-SiC-C-based unshaped refractory product such as refractory castable, gunning/spraying mix and mortars are used as complementary material for brick for mouth and other part of torpedo ladle.
Yanmu offers end-to-end refractory solution for hot-metal-pretreatment, which include  desulfurization- & dephosphorization-spraying-gun, dephosphorization KR stirrer, Desulfurization, dephosphorization agent, slag accretion agent, anti-adhesion agent etc. 
Al2O3-SiC-C Brick for Torpedo Ladle

This product is manufactured from high-grade bauxite, fused alumina, silicon carbide and graphite as raw material and phenolic resin as binder, by mixing, high-pressure molding and low-temperature thermal processing. This product features g...

Chamotte Brick for Permanent (Safety) Lining of Torpedo Ladle

Chamotte Brick is used for permanent (safety) lining of torpedo ladle....

Refractory Castable for Taphole, Impact Zone and Permanent Lining of Torpedo Ladle

High Alumina- and Mullite-based refractory castable is used for mouth of torpedo ladle. Al 2 O 3 -SiC-C-based castable is used for mouth or impact zone, and Alumina-based castable is used for permanent lining....

Refractory Gunning / Spraying Mix for Taphole and Wearing Lining of Torpedo Ladle

High-Alumina- or Al 2 O 3 -SiC-C-based spraying mix is used together with corresponding refractory brick or castable in wearing lining as well as mouth of torpedo ladle, in order to extend its service life....

Al2O3-SiC-C based Refractory Mortar for Torpedo Ladle

Al 2 O 3 -SiC-C based refractory mortar is used for laying the Al 2 O 3 -SiC-C brick in torpedo ladle....

Refractory Castable and Gunning Mix for Desulfurization- and Dephosphorization-Spraying-Gun and KR Stirrer

Desulfurization spraying gun is a key component of magnesia-spraying-desulfurization process in hot-metal-pretreatment. This product is low-cement castable which produced from fused alumina, mullite and high-grade-bauxite as raw material and...

Desulfurization, Dephosphorization Agent, Slag Accretion Agent and Anti-Adhesion Agent for Hot-Metal-Pretreatment in Torpedo Ladle

Desulfurization and dephosphorization agents are used for desulfurization- and dephosphorization-process respectively in torpedo ladle. Slag accretion agent is used in hot-metal-pretreatment to thicken the slag after desulfurization and to a...