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Yanmu offers a complete set of refractory solution for dry-process cement kiln, which features low energy consumption and better wearing condition for the refractory material in comparison to traditional cement production method. Meanwhile, we can tailor our solution for the individual requirement and type of cement kiln for our client.
For preheater system, we recommend our alkali-resistance-brick as well as series of alkali-resistant and high-strength castable (including insulation castable for the insulation layer). Gunning mix is used for fast installation and patching.
For gas rising pipe, our coating-resistant castable is recommended.
In precalcination system, brick and castable with both alkali and abrasion-resistant are applied, combined with gunning mix for patching.
In inlet and outlet area, abrasion-resistant brick or Al2O3-SiC castable is recommended to withstand the impact of clinker during charging and unloading.
Within rotary kiln, our high-alumina brick with spalling-resistant feature is commonly used for calcination zone and the neighboring area. Magnesia-alumina-spinel brick is our primary choice for transition zone, and high-iron-magnesia-alumina-spinel brick for burning zone. Mullite-silica brick is a good alternative for magnesia-alumina-spinel brick in transition zone, especially under less oxidative atmosphere.
In kiln hood area, high-strength and abrasion-resistant castable and gunning mix is used together with insulation castable. Whereas the castable used in cooling system should be abrasion-resistant, of high strength and alkali-resistant.
A dedicated castable is designed for the burner. Last but not least, we offer a variety of refractory mortars for the masonry construction. 
Magnesia-Alumina-Spinel-, High-Iron-Magnesia-Alumina-Spinel, and Magnesia-Dolomite-Brick for Cement Rotary Kiln

Magnesia-alumina-spinel brick is widely used and cost-effective refractory product for cement rotary kiln. With high-purity magnesia and synthetic magnesia-alumina-spinel as raw material, it is manufactured by double side pressing, high temp...

Mullite-Silica-, Abrasion-Resistance-, Alkali-Resistance- and Spalling-Resistance High-Alumina-Brick for Cement Kiln

Mullite-silica brick is produced from fused alumina and silicon carbide by burning at medium temperature. It features excellent thermal shock resistance, abrasion resistance, reduction-resistance and very high thermal strength. Therefore it...

Refractory Castable for Cement Kiln

Yanmu offers a complete set of refractory castable for preheater, precalciner, tertiary air duct, kiln hood, burner, inlet outlet, grate cooler, parapet and other parts of cement kiln. Each of the castable products is manufactured from well-...

Refractory Gunning Mix und Mouldable for Cement Kiln

Yanmu offers a series of gunning mix and moldable for patching of certain areas at preheater, kiln hood, rising gas duct, smoke chamber and other parts of cement kiln, where casting relining difficult or not possible is. Our gunning mix and...

Light-Weight Insulation Castable and Spraying Mix

Light-weight Insulation castable and spraying mix is used to form or to patch the insulation layer of cyclone, kiln hood, preheater and other part of cement kiln. It features easy installation and low thermal conductivity. By using this prod...

Refractory Mortar for Cement Kiln

Yanmu offers a variety of refractory mortar with various raw material, quality grade and additives selection, which accommodates the end product to individual application scenario. They all feature an easy installation, high bonding strength...