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Magnesia-Alumina-Spinel-, High-Iron-Magnesia-Alumina-Spinel, and Magnesia-Dolomite-Brick for Cement Rotary Kiln

Magnesia-alumina-spinel brick is widely used and cost-effective refractory product for cement rotary kiln. With high-purity magnesia and synthetic magnesia-alumina-spinel as raw material, it is manufactured by double side pressing, high temperature burning. It features good resistance to thermal shock, chemical corrosion, oxidation-reduction damage, and abrasion. It is therefore used typically in transition zone of rotary kiln.
Yanmu’s high-iron magnesia-alumina-spinel brick is produced from premium iron-rich synthetic magnesia and spinel by high-temperature burning. The introduction of Fe2O3, on one hand, modifies the crystal lattice of periclase in such way that the thermal performance of the end product is improved. On the other hand, the Fe2O3 would, together with Al2O3, enhance the viscosity of clinker on its contact surface and help forming the stable coating. This product is a good alternative to magnesia-chromite brick in burning zone and magnesia-alumina-spinel brick in transition zone of rotary kiln in many occasions.
With premium magnesia-dolomite clinker and certain amount of ZrO2 as raw material, magnesia-dolomite brick is manufactured by high-temperature burning. It features good thermal-shock and corrosion resistance and is used typically in burning zone of rotary kiln.

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