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Mullite-Silica-, Abrasion-Resistance-, Alkali-Resistance- and Spalling-Resistance High-Alumina-Brick for Cement Kiln

Mullite-silica brick is produced from fused alumina and silicon carbide by burning at medium temperature. It features excellent thermal shock resistance, abrasion resistance, reduction-resistance and very high thermal strength. Therefore it is typically used as an alternative product for magnesia-alumina-spinel in transition zone of rotary kiln, especially at reducing or neutral atmosphere.
Abrasion-resistance brick is phosphate-bonded high alumina brick, which features good thermal strength and thermal-shock resistance. Therefore it is used typically at material charging area and other area with serious abrasion wearing.
Yanmu’s alkali-resistance brick is so engineered, that it reacts with the alkali in clinker or gas in the rotary kiln at certain temperature, forms a dense ceramic glaze, and protect the lining from further alkali corrosion. This product features therefore the good alkali corrosion resistance, high thermal strength, and high volume stability. It is used typically at preheater, precalciner and tertiary of cement kiln.
Spalling-resistance high alumina brick features good thermal strength and thermal shock resistance, and therefore is used typically in the calcination zone of cement rotary kiln.

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