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Refractory Castable for Cement Kiln

Yanmu offers a complete set of refractory castable for preheater, precalciner, tertiary air duct, kiln hood, burner, inlet & outlet, grate cooler, parapet and other parts of cement kiln. Each of the castable products is manufactured from well-selected material and certain additives, which accommodate the end product to the individual wearing condition of the area, where the product is applied. Among them there are refractory castable featuring high thermal strength, alkali-resistance, and abrasion-resistance, coating-resistance, spalling-resistance or corrosion resistance respectively.
According to our practice, the service life of lining can be extended up to 150% by applying these refractory castable, and the material consumption is also largely reduced.
Installation method for the castable is vibration casting.

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