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Yanmu offers complete set of refractory solution for glass furnace, above all the side-port regenerative furnace, which is the primary production furnace for flat glass.
Yanmu offers series of brick for regenerator, above all basic refractory brick. Magnesia brick can find its application in almost all parts of checker chamber, according to individual MgO content. Direct-bonded magnesia-chromite brick is most suitable for upper checker, where strong alkali corrosion exist, or lower and middle checker, where sodium sulfate condenses. There are several substitute brick of chrome-magnesia for checker chamber, among them are magnesia-zirconia-, magnesia-forsterite- and magnesia-alumina-brick. While the first two have similar thermal properties and usage as magnesia-chromite brick, magnesia-alumina brick is usually used for the middle checker of small regenerator. Light-weight-magnesia-forsterite-brick is used for the insulation layer of checker chamber. Apart from above mentioned basic brick, our sillimanite brick FB8251 can be used also for checker in low temperature area (below 800°C). In principle the refractory material used for wall is in line with that of checker brick at the same height.
Sidewall and bottom of melter predominately consist of fused cast AZS bricks, whereas sintered zirconia-mullite brick in some cases can be applied to bottom area, where the application condition is not that demanding. Beneath the AZS brick lie the chamotte block at the very bottom, in between AZS ramming mix is filled. In corner area fused cast AZS brick FB9851FC-41 with Void Free Casting is used exclusively.
In L-shape area, fused cast AZS brick, sintered zirconia-mullite-brick and premium silica brick is laid on top of each other consecutively.
Fused cast α-β- Al2O3 brick FB8451FC-95 is used extensively for breast wall, as well as sidewall and bottom of cooling zone.
In tin bath, alumina-forming brick such as sillimanite and bottom block are used typically.
Our premium silica brick FB7051 is used also quite frequently in glass furnace. Apart from L-shape area mentioned above, it finds its application for melter crown, front wall, breast wall and gable as well.
Fused Cast AZS Brick for Glass Furnace

Fused cast AZS brick is so far the primary refractory brick for glass furnace. Our AZS brick is manufactured from premium zircon and alumina by melting in electric arc furnace, casting and annealing in annealing furnace. According to the per...

Fused Cast β- and α-β-Al2O3 Brick for Glass Furnace

With high-purity Al 2 O 3 as main raw material, fused cast --Al 2 O 3 brick is manufactured by melting at 2000C in electric arc furnace and casting. The crystalline structure consists of -Al 2 O 3 and -Al 2 O 3 , which are interleaved in suc...

Sintered Zirconia-Mullite- and Zirconia-Brick

These two products are two zirconia containing sintered refractory bricks, which feature good resistance to alkali vapor and to thermal shock. Zirconia-mullite brick is usually used at L-shape suspended arch, which is fastened to the fused c...

Premium Silica Brick for Glass Furnace

This product has high purity, high density, high strength, and low residual quartz in structure. It exhibits therefore good resistance to acidic and alkali vapor attack as well as to abrasion. It is applied typically at crown, front wall, br...

Basic Refractory Brick for Glass Furnace

Yanmus basic refractory series is used primarily for the regenerator and it includes magnesia-, magnesia-chrome-, magnesia-zirconia-, magnesia-alumina- and forsterite bricks. Magnesia brick is manufactured from high-purity magnesia by burnin...

Sillimanite and Chamotte Brick for Glass Furnace

Yanmus sillimanite brick features good thermal shock resistance and thermal strength. It is used primarily for the roof of tin bath, as well as for the bottom of regenerator. Two bottom block products are chamotte bricks, which are used for...

AZS-forming Ramming Mix for Glass Furnace

These two AZS-forming ramming mix are used to form the intermediate layer between the fused cast AZS- or alumina bricks, which has direct contact with molten glass. It is used for chamotte bottom block of melter or cooling zone as well....

Refractory Mortar for Glass Furnace

This product is used for construction of refractory masonry in glass furnace. In principle the material of refractory mortar should be in line with that of corresponding masonry....