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Basic Refractory Brick for Glass Furnace

Yanmu’s basic refractory series is used primarily for the regenerator and it includes magnesia-, magnesia-chrome-, magnesia-zirconia-, magnesia-alumina- and forsterite bricks.
Magnesia brick is manufactured from high-purity magnesia by burning at medium or high temperature. It features good resistance to alkali vapor & oxidation-reduction attack and good thermal conductivity. Different brand of magnesia is used in individual part in the checker chamber.
Magnesia-chromite brick is manufactured from sintered magnesia and chrome iron ore by burning at high or ultra-high temperature. It features excellent resistance to brick damage caused by repeatedly condensation & evaporation and to thermal shock. It is therefore used sodium-sulfate condensed zone or other areas in checker chamber with strong corrosion.
Magnesia-zirconia brick and magnesia-alumina bricks are substitute products for magnesia-chromite brick in checker chamber. Magnesia-zirconia brick is manufactured from magnesia and zirconia by burning at medium or high temperature, it resembles magnesia-chromite brick in thermal properties and usage. Magnesia-alumina brick, on the other hand, is manufactured from premium magnesia and bauxite and it is used typically as middle checker brick of small regenerator.
While forsterite refractory brick is another alternative solution for magnesia-chromite brick, light-weight forsterite brick is used for the insulation layer of regenerator.

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