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Electric Arc Slag Cleaning Furnace
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EAF for slag cleaning is used in copper (or nickel) smelting to recover copper matte from the slag, which is produced from copper smelting furnace such as flash smelting furnace and Ausmelt furnace, so that the slag after its treatment can be discarded. Typical EAF for slag cleaning has three electrodes and a capacity of around 10.000 kV.A. 
Refractory lining in electric arch slag cleaning furnace need to withstand severe slag corrosion, therefore rebonded magnesia-chrome brick (FB6457BR) is recommended for the slag line and the sidewall below it. For other part of sidewall as well as slag spout & matte spout, semi-rebonded variant is recommended. In order to extend the service life of lining, mechanism such as water-cool jacket or cooling from external water is recommended.
Magnesia-alumina brick (FB6857) or refractory castable (UR8257C) is recommended for the roof.
The wearing lining of bottom can be either direct-bonded magnesia-chrome bricks (FB6457BD) or magnesia bricks (Fb6057), which are laid in counter-arch shape. Underneath wearing lining is chamotte brick (FB8057) as safety lining recommended.
Yanmu's recommended refractory usage in electric arc slag cleaning furnace is summarized in the following table. For further products information please refer to previous chapter “Refractory Products Collection for Non-Ferrous Metallurgy”.