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Fluidized Bed Roaster
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Fluidized bed roaster, also known as bubbling fluidized bed roaster, is a refractory-lined, upright cylindrical steel shell with grate bottom, through which air is blown in sufficient volume to keep fine, solid charge particles in suspension and give excellent gas-solid contact for chemical reaction. It is used typically in metallurgy, above all, for the roasting of zinc-sulfide concentrate before further metallurgical processing. It serves for oxidation and desulfurization of the concentrate.
Similar equipment and process can be applied for the roasting of tin concentrate, as well as for the calcination of aluminum hydroxide, which is the last step of Bayer process in producing smelter grade alumina.
Yanmu provides whole refractory and insulation solution for fluidized bed roaster and offers our client either brick- or monolithic concept for the lining.
Yanmu’s recommended refractory usage in fluidized bed roaster is summarized in following table. For the detailed product description, physical parameters and chemical parameters of each brick or unshaped refractory material listed below, please refer to previous chapter “Refractory Products Collection for Non-Ferrous Metallurgy”.