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Magnesia-Chromite Brick Series for Non-Ferrous Metallurgy

Magnesia-chromite brick is the core refractory component for the wearing lining of most smelting and refining furnace in non-ferrous metallurgy. It is also one of the star products in Yanmu’s product portfolio. Yanmu offers our client series of magnesia-chromite-bricks, which could be categorized into three types: direct-bonded, semi-rebonded and rebonded magnesia-chromite brick.
Direct-bonded magnesia-chromite brick, with premium chrome ore and high-purity sintered magnesia as its main raw materials, is manufactured by molding under high-pressure and burning under high-temperature (1700°C). It features good slag-corrosion-resistance and high thermal strength and is applied typically in areas such as exhaust outlet, where the slag abrasion from particulate-laden gases moving upwards is the main wearing factors.
Rebonded magnesia-chromite brick, with premium fused magnesia-chromite clinker and fine selected additive as its raw material, is manufactured by molding under high-pressure, burning  under ultra-high-temperature, plus some other special treatment. It features very low porosity, very high thermal strength, excellent slag-corrosion-resistance and good thermal-shock-resistance. This product is used in zones, which experience strong slag corrosion and excessive thermal shock, such as slag line and bottom of Isasmelt furnace, sidewall with contact to molten metal in Ausmelt furnace and wearing lining of copper Flash Smelting Furnace etc.
Semi-rebonded magnesia-chromite brick resembles rebonded one in manufacturing process, with an exception that fused magnesia-chromite consist of only part of the raw material. Therefore its thermal property lies between direct-bonded and rebonded brick. It is applied also extensively in non-ferrous metallurgy.
Fused cast magnesia-chromite brick’s raw material are magnesia and chrome ore, which are pretreated by melting at electrical arc furnace. These materials are then going through casting, annealing and polishing process, before turning into end product. This product features excellent corrosion resistance, anti-permeability and erosion resistance. It is designed dedicated for non-ferrous metallurgy. Typical application area is the reaction tower area of copper flash smelting furnace.

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