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Teniente Converter
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    Iron Making and Ferroalloy Metallurgy
    Steel Making
    Secondary Refining of Steel
    Continuous Casting & Tundish
    Non-ferrous Metallurgy
    Cement Kiln and Glass Kiln
    Refractory Raw Material
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Teniente converter is a modern furnace for copper smelting, which is developed based on P-S converter. Two converters have the similar structure but Teniente converter has a longer barrel. It is optimized to enable a continuous matte & slag production, higher SO2 recovery, higher thermal efficiency, and decreased dust evolution. The produced matte of Teniente converter will be transported to P-S converter and treated there, while and the produced slag treated in electric arc slag cleaning furnace.
Refractory lining concept for Teniente converter is similar to that for P-S converter, which consist of various type of magnesia-chrome bricks. It is recommended to use bricks with salt impregnation pretreatment, especially in tuyere and slag line area, where strong corrosion exists.
Yanmu's recommended refractory usage in Teniente converter is summarized in the following table. For further products information please refer to previous chapter “Refractory Products Collection for Non-Ferrous Metallurgy”.