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Waelz Kiln
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Waelz kiln is a rotary kiln used for zinc recycling in hydrometallurgical zinc production process. Zinc containing residue, together with coke as reducing agent, are preheated and burned at Waelz kiln, where zinc is recovered through evaporation and condensation.
Main wearing factors of Waelz kiln include erosion caused by high-temperature agitated burden, the damage caused by reduction atmosphere and the infiltration & corrosion of zinc vapor. Therefore the refractory material for the lining is supposed to have good thermal shock resistance, high thermal strength, and good resistance to reduction-atmosphere and zinc vapor.
Yanmu's recommended refractory solution in Waelz furnace is summarized in the following table. For further products information please refer to previous chapter “Refractory Products Collection for Non-Ferrous Metallurgy”.