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    Secondary Refining of Steel
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AOD, which is short for Argon Oxygen Decarburization, is the dominant refining method for stainless steel. During the operation, the molten steel from EAF is charged into AOD furnace, before oxygen and argon is blown from the tuyere at the sidewall to conduct decarburization. Yanmu offers a whole series of refractory products for AOD furnace.
Yanmu’s magnesia-dolomite Brick is our primary product for AOD lining, due to its excellent slag-resistance and thermal-shock-resistance property. Other advantages of it include the steel-purification-effect and relatively less inclination to hydrate.
Magchrome brick is provided by Yanmu as an alternative product, which is used typically at tuyere area at very high temperature.
For permanent lining the standard magnesia brick is recommended.
Yanmu offers also series of unshaped product such as ramming mix, moldable, filling materials, and refractory mortar, which can be applied to different part or in different installation scenario of AOD furnace.
Magnesia-Dolomite Brick for AOD Lining

Magnesia-Dolomite brick series is Yanmus primary solution for AOD refining. Main raw materials include high purity density magnesia and sintered magnesia dolomite clinker. Proportion of each raw material is tuned according to specific applic...

Magnesia-Chromite Brick for AOD Lining

With fine selected premium magnesia and magchrome clinker as raw materials, this product is manufactured by high-pressure molding and ultra-high-temperature burning. It is used mainly at the tuyere area of AOD furnace due to its excellent th...

Magnesia-Brick for Safety Lining of AOD furnace

This product is manufactured from premium dead-burnt-magnesia and is used for the safety lining of AOD furnace....

Ramming Mix, Moldable, and Filling Material for AOD Furnace

The ramming mix is manufactured from premium magnesia and magnesia dolomite clinker. Anhydrous binder is added, so that the installation can be done without mixing. This product features easy sintering and good resistance to erosion. It is a...

Refractory Mortar for AOD Refining Furnace

This product series contains various refractory mortars for masonry construction in AOD furnace. In principle the material for mortar is in line with that of corresponding masonry. Therefore magnesia-forming mortar is used for magnesia-dolom...