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Magnesia-Dolomite Brick for AOD Lining

Magnesia-Dolomite brick series is Yanmu’s primary solution for AOD refining. Main raw materials include high purity & density magnesia and sintered magnesia dolomite clinker. Proportion of each raw material is tuned according to specific application. Bonded with anhydrous binder, the brick is manufactured by mixing, molding, and burning. All the production process is carefully designed and well controlled, in order to ensure a stable quality level.
This product features a high resistance to slag in AOD furnace, and good resistance to thermal shock. Besides, applying this product can to a large extent magnify the effect of steel purification, in that it supports the desulfurization & dephosphorization process, and supports removing other impurities from the molten steel. Practice shows, that the product would exhibit its best potential properties, when it is used in combination with enhanced slag-forming agent and slag-forming process.

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