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CAS-OB Refining
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    Iron Making and Ferroalloy Metallurgy
    Steel Making
    Secondary Refining of Steel
    Continuous Casting & Tundish
    Non-ferrous Metallurgy
    Cement Kiln and Glass Kiln
    Refractory Raw Material
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CAS-OB, which is short for Composition Adjustment by Sealed Argon Bubbling and Oxygen Blowing, is a refining process, where the deoxidation, alloy adding, temperature adjustment and other refining methods are done in a relative sealed space with protective atmosphere.
Yanmu offers precast CAS cover and oxygen gun for the CAS-OB refining operation.
CAS Cover and OB Oxygen Gun

CAS cover and oxygen gun are used for CAS-OB refining process. These two products are low cement castable manufactured from premium fused alumina, mullite and spinel. This product is ready-to-use precast and feature good thermal stability, a...