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LF–VD Refining
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LF (Ladle Furnace) refining is a similar refining process as VOD, which is also done in steel ladle. During the refining operation, the molten steel from EAF or BOF is charged into LF refining ladle, before refining processes such as alloy addition, slag adjustment, bottom argon blowing and temperature increase via electrode are carried out. In some occasions, the LF refining is followed by VD (Vacuum Degassing) refining, where argon blowing is continued in vacuum environment. LF is a relatively cost-effective refining method for ultra-low-oxygen, ultra-low-sulfur and some other special steel.
In principle, Yanmu’s refractory lining concept for VOD can be applied to LF refining, with some small modification on zoning. Following table shows our recommended refractory products usage for LF refining.  The description and parameters of each product can be found in the chapter “Refractory Products for VOD Refining Ladle”. As an exception, the product “Precast Roof for LF Refining” and “Precast Splash-isolation Cover for VD refining” are two are used exclusively for LF-VD refining process, so they are illustrated in this chapter.
LF Precast Roof for LF Refining

The roof of LF refining ladle lifts and swings away during the refining process. It experiences therefore strong thermal shock. Besides, the roof must withstand the abrasion of dust, slag and corrosive gases, which are moving with high veloc...

Precast Splash-Isolation Cover for VD refining

This product is manufactured from premium-fused alumina or fused chrome-alumina plus ultra-low-cement binder. Besides, it is reinforced by steel fiber. This product is ready-to-use precast and features good abrasion and thermal-shock resista...