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RH/DH Vacuum Degasser
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RH (Ruhrarstal-Heraus) and DH (Dortmund-Horde) are the principal sucking degassers for steel refining. They play a very important role in production of clean steel. Operations carried out during RH refining process often include vacuumization, oxygen blowing (RH-OB, RH-KTB or RH-TOB), impurities removal, slag adjustment, alloy addition and so on and so forth. Taking all these factors into account, RH/DH degasser put an extraordinary demand on the refractory products. Yanmu offers complete set of refractory solution in this critical situation.
Magnesia-chromite brick is the major refractory product for the wearing lining. Yanmu recommends to use direct-bonded magnesia-chromite brick at gas duct, semi-rebonded brick at upper and middle vessel, rebonded magnesia brick for lower vessel, throat, snorkel and alloy chute.
Low carbon magnesia-carbon brick can be used at wearing lining as an alternative of magnesia-chromite brick.
Yanmu recommends our alumina-spinel castable for the outer coat of snorkel, and the high alumina castable for the permanent lining of gas duct and alloy chute.
Other unshaped refractory products recommended for this scenario include ramming mix and repairing mix for the filling and/or patching operation, which can extend the service life of the lining, magnesia-chrome based refractory mortar for magnesia-chrome masonry construction, and sealing grout for sealing the joint area between the wearing lining of snorkel and lower vessel, which can maintain the air tightness of the vacuum chamber.
Magnesia-Chromite Brick for RH Degasser

Magnesia-chrome brick is the core refractory component for the wearing lining of RH degasser, and it is also one of the star products in Yanmus product portfolio. This product series is categorized into three types: direct-bonded, semi-rebon...

Low Carbon Magnesia-Carbon Brick for RH Degasser

Low carbon magnesia-carbon brick is a product for RH degasser application. It is manufactured from fused magnesia, high-purity graphite and certain carefully engineered additives. It features good slag-corrosion-resistance and thermal-shock-...

Refractory Castable for RH Degasser

Yanmus corundum-spinel forming castable series features high thermal strength and good corrosion resistance. It is designed exclusively for the outer part of snorkel, where the refractory need to experience strong corrosion of high-temperatu...

Refractory Ramming Mix and Gunning Mix of RH Degasser

Yanmus refractory ramming mix is designed for filling the joint of refractory brick and for the patching. While rebonded magnesia chrome ramming mix is manufactured from fused magnesia-chrome clinker, the standard chrome ramming mix is from...

Refractory Mortar and Sealing Grout for RH Degasser

Magnesia-chrome based refractory mortar is used for construction of magnesia-chrome-based masonry in RH degasser. The refractory sealing grout is used to seal the joint area between the wearing lining of snorkel and that of lower vessel, and...