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VOD Refining Ladle
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VOD, which is short for Vacuum Oxygen De-carburization, is one of stainless steel refining process, where decarburization is done in a ladle in vacuum chamber. Operations carried out during VOD refining include vacuumization, oxygen and argon blowing, impurities removal, alloy addition, chromium reclaim and so on and so forth. Taking all these factors into account, the refractory material need to undergo strong wearing due to high temperature in vacuum environment, wide varying slag alkalinity and intensive erosion caused by air stirring. To this end, Yanmu offer series of well-designed refractory products for such critical application.
For bricked refining ladle, Yanmu provides two brickwork concepts of wearing lining: magnesia-chromite brickwork concept and chrome-free brickwork concept. For the former one, we apply rebonded magnesia-chromite brick to the slag line zone, direct-bonded magnesia-chromite brick to the freeboard zone, and either of these bricks at sidewall and bottom. For the latter concept, we recommend premium magnesia-dolomite brick or certain brand of magnesia-dolomite-carbon brick at the slag line zone, whereas magnesia-dolomite brick, magnesia-dolomite-carbon brick or carbon-free brick (spinel) can be applied at other zone such as freeboard, sidewall and bottom, depending on individual operation condition and requirement.
For permanent lining the standard magnesia brick is recommended.
For monolithic refining ladle Yanmu recommends our alumina-magnesia-chrome-based refractory castable for slag line and zone above, and alumina-spinel-based refractory castable for other zones of wearing lining.
Other unshaped products include ramming mix, moldable, filling materials, and refractory mortar, which can be applied to different part or in different installation scenario of VOD refining ladle.
VOD furnace shares the same refractories for flowing control (sliding plate, nozzle etc.) and for tuyere (purging plug). Please refer to our product catalog “Refractory Products for Steel Making” for detailed description of these products.
Magnesia-Dolomite Brick for VOD Refining Ladle

With high purity density magnesia and sintered magnesia dolomite clinker as raw material and bonded with anhydrous binder, this product is manufactured by mixing, molding, and burning. All production processes are carefully designed and well...

Magnesia-Chromite Brick for VOD Refining Ladle

Yanmu offers two categories of magnesia-chromite brick used in VOD refining ladle: rebonded and direct-bonded magnesia-chromite brick. Rebonded magnesia-chromite brick is manufactured from fused magchrome clinker, magnesia and chrome ore by...

Unburnt Magnesia-Dolomite-Carbon Brick for VOD Refining Ladle

This product is manufactured from premium magnesia dolomite clinker and bonded with anhydrate resin. It features dense structure, good slag-corrosion resistance and erosion resistance. It is a cost-effective and environment friendly substitu...

Carbon-Free Brick for VOD Refining Ladle

This product is manufactured from fused alumina and high-purity spinel as raw material while superfine powder is added. It is designed for low-carbon refining or ultra-low-carbon refining application, and is applied typically at zones below...

Refractory Castable for VOD Refining Ladle

These two refractory castables are alumina-spinel and alumina-magnesia-chrome based respectively. They serve as Yanmus solution for monolithic refining ladle. They feature good slag resistance and anti-infiltration property. In combination w...

Magnesia-Brick for Safety Lining of VOD Refining Ladle

This product is manufactured from premium dead-burnt-magnesia and is used for the safety lining of VOD refining ladle....

Ramming Mix, Moldable, and Filling Material for VOD Furnace

Moldable is manufactured from premium magnesia with certain compound. It feature an easy-installation property and it exhibits high refractoriness and resistance to corrosion during operation phase. It is mainly used for the lip ring of VOD...

Refractory Mortar for VOD Refining Ladle

This product series contain various refractory mortars for construction of masonry in VOD refining ladle. In principle the material for mortar should be in line with that of the bricks. Therefore magnesia-forming mortar is used for magnesia-...