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BOF converter is the key component in steel making process, since the yield and product quality of the process is largely defined by the availability and operation condition of BOF converter. Yanmu offers a complete refractory solution for BOF converter.
Magnesia-carbon brick is the main refractory product for BOF converter’s lining due to its high refractoriness, good resistance to basic slag and good thermal shock resistance. Different brand of magnesia-carbon brick should be applied in different part of BOF converter, according to individual wearing condition.
While Magnesia-carbon brick is used for the wearing lining, magnesia brick is applied normally for safety lining.
For zone such as mouth, taphole and some part of bottom, where the shape is irregular or it is difficult to be cover by brick, ramming mix or taphole block is applied accordingly.
Hot repairing mix is used together with gunning mix for patching of wearing lining of BOF converter to extend the service life.
We offer magnesia-carbon based purging plug for combined blowing process and slag-stopping ball / dart for tapping operation.
Last but not least, back- and gap-filling material and refractory mortar is auxiliary material for construction of masonry.
Magnesia-Carbon Brick for BOF Converter

Due to its high refractoriness, good resistance to basic slag in steelmaking environment and high resistance to thermal shock, magnesia-carbon brick is the main refractory material used for BOF converter. Yanmus magnesia-carbon brick is manu...

Taphole Block of BOF Converter

This product is manufactured with premium fuse magnesia or big crystal fused magnesia and high-purity flake graphite as raw material plus phenolic resin as binder. Yanmu offer a range of segmented taphole blocks as well as monolithic taphole...

Magnesia Brick for Safety Lining of BOF Converter

This product is standard fired Magnesia brick and is used as safety lining for BOF converter....

Purging Plug for BOF Converter

Purging plug is a porous element installed at the bottom of BOF converter, through which inert gas such as argon is blown. It is the key component for combined blowing process in steel making, which is in favor of a higher metallic yield and...

Magnesia-Carbon based Hot Repairing Mix and Gunning Mix for Wearing Lining of BOF Converter

These two refractory gunning materials are used for periodic lining patching/repairing for BOF converter, so that a longer service life of lining can be achieved. Hot repairing mix, also known as run-down repairing mix, is an efficient way o...

Magnesia-based Refractory Ramming Mix for Mouth, Bottom and Taphole of BOF Converter

This refractory ramming mix is manufactured from premium magnesia plus binder and is used for mouth, bottom and taphole of BOF converter. It features high strength and good resistance to hot metal penetration and erosion....

Refractory Material for Gap- and Backfilling of BOF Converte

Refractory gap filling mix is used to fill the gap between refractory brick to prevent infiltration of molten steel. Refractory backfilling mix is filled between wearing lining and safety lining to prevent infiltrations of the molten steel....

Refractory Mortar for BOF Converter

The refractory mortar is used for construction of refractory masonry of BOF converter. It features low labor intensity during installation, high adhesiveness and good resistance to infiltration erosion of hot metal....

Slag-Stopping Ball and Dart

Slag stopping ball is used for slag control during steel tapping. During the taping operation, it is threw into the molten steel, flows to the taphole and keep the slag from running out, while molten steel flows unstopped through the gap bet...