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Magnesia-Carbon based Hot Repairing Mix and Gunning Mix for Wearing Lining of BOF Converter

These two refractory gunning materials are used for periodic lining patching/repairing for BOF converter, so that a longer service life of lining can be achieved.
Hot repairing mix, also known as run-down repairing mix, is an efficient way of repairing the wearing lining of converter barrel, as well as trunnion and taphole zone. During the repairing process, it is simply poured onto the wearing lining and then it starts to flow with a temperature between 800°C and 1200°C. While the converter is rotating, the refractory mass flows and forms an even layer, which protects the lining from further wearing. This product features high adhesiveness, high fluidity (high temperature), good erosion resistance and corrosion resistance.
Refractory gunning mix is used for accurate patching for BOF converter’s lining in zones such as trunnion and slag line, where it is difficult for hot repairing mix to achieve 100% coverage. It is manufactured from premium magnesia or dolomite plus composite binder. It features high adhesiveness, low rebound rate, easy sintering property, and good resistance to erosion & corrosion.

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