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Electric Arc Furnace (EAF)
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    Iron Making and Ferroalloy Metallurgy
    Steel Making
    Secondary Refining of Steel
    Continuous Casting & Tundish
    Non-ferrous Metallurgy
    Cement Kiln and Glass Kiln
    Refractory Raw Material
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EAF is a crucial furnace for steel making especially in developed countries and it plays a bigger role in development countries than ever before. Yanmu offers series of refractory solution for different part of EAF and for different types of EAF, which ranges from AC-Power- to DC-Power-EAF, from Side-Tapping EAF to Eccentric Bottom Tapping (EBT) EAF etc.
Magnesia-carbon brick is the main refractory brick, which is used extensively in upper- and lower-sidewall, slagline, and hot spot of EAF due to its high refractoriness, good resistance to basic slag and good thermal shock resistance. Different brand of magnesia-carbon brick is applied in different part of EAF, according to individual wearing condition.
While Magnesia-carbon brick is used for the wearing lining, magnesia brick is applied normally for safety lining.
For EAF bottom, ramming mix is used predominately, while hot repairing mix is applied together to extend its service life.
Yanmu offers taphole for EBT-EAF and spout for side-tapping EAF respectively. For spout precast block is used predominately, whereas segmented and monolithic block for taphole are both provided for client’s choice.
Various precast EAF roof from fused alumina, spinel or fused chrome alumina are offered, as well as that from unburned high alumina brick as alternative.
Besides, we offer magnesia-carbon based purging plug for combined blowing process and EBT filling sand for tapping operation.
Magnesia-Carbon Brick for EAF

Due to its high refractoriness, good resistance to basic slag during steelmaking and high resistance to thermal shock, magnesia-carbon brick is the main refractory material used for Electric Arc Furnace (EAF). Yanmus magnesia-carbon brick is...

Taphole Block for EAF

Taphole is a critical components in for Eccentric Bottom Tapping Electric Arc Furnace (EBT-EAF). Spalling caused by thermal shock, carbon-oxidation and erosion caused by molten steel are the main wearing factors to be come to term with. We p...

EBT Filling Sand

EBT filling sand is filled at the taphole of Eccentric Bottom Tapping Electric Arc Furnace (EBT-EAF) during steel making process and is supposed to pour on its own when the taphole cap is opened. Its ability to pour on its own, as mentioned...

Precast block for tapping spout of EAF

Tapping spout is used for Side-Tapping Electric Arc Furnace. In principle it experiences more serious spalling caused by thermal shock as well as more serious carbon-oxidation than taphole at EBT-EAF, due to its exposure outside the furnace....

Magnesia Brick for Safety Lining of EAF

This product is standard fired magnesia brick and is used as safety lining for EAF....

Purging Plug for EAF

This product is a porous element at the bottom of EAF, through which inert gas such as nitrogen or argon is blown. It is the key component for combined blowing process in steel making, which lead to higher metallic yield, acceleration of blo...

Precast Roof for EAF

The roof lifts and swing away during the charging process, which make it experience serious thermal shock. Besides, EAF roof must withstand the abrasion of dust, slag and corrosive gases moving with high velocity, as well as the impingement...

Unfired High Alumina Brick for Roof of EAF

This product is used for the roof of EAF. It features lower energy consumption during production process and longer service life, in comparison to traditional fired high alumina brick for EAF roof....

Dry Ramming Mix for Bottom of EAF

This magnesia-based ramming mix is used predominately for the bottom of EAF, which features easy installation and sintering, good thermal insulation and high density....

Hot Repairing Mix for EAF Taphole and Bottom

This product is used to level the uneven bottom and repair cracks at the bottom, or to fill the worn out edge of taphole for EBT-EAF. It is produced from premium magnesia containing iron and calcium. Experience shows that it can extend the s...

Gunning Mix for EAF

This product is used to repair the wearing lining of EAF and it is produced from premium magnesia and dolomite as main raw material plus proprietary binder and additive. The installation method is gunning and it features high adhesiveness, l...

Refractory Mortar for EAF

This refractory mortar is used for construction of refractory masonry of EAF. It features easy construction property, high adhesiveness and good resistance to infiltration erosion of hot metal....