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Steel Ladle
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Steel ladle is the vessel for molten steel transportation between steel making process and casting process. According to statistics, the refractory material consumption for ladle comprises up to 30% of the total consumption in iron- and steelmaking industry. Refractory products for steel ladle need to accommodate the specific requirement of individual steel mill, depending on various upstream and downstream processes, and to optimize the cost of refractory material in both installation and operation phase.
To this end, Yanmu provides series of refractory solution for steel ladle. MgO-C brick series is used extensively for wearing lining, among which MgO-C brick consisting of high-grade fused magnesia or large-crystal fused magnesia need to be used for the slag line. For other zone, standard MgO-C from fused magnesia and MgO-Al2O3-C brick can be applied. It is recommend that MgO-Al2O3-C is used for impact pad.
For flow control system, Yanmu offers series of nozzle and sliding plate. While most of them are Al2O3-C or Al2O3-ZrO2-C based, a wide variety of other sliding plate or nozzle are provided for special steelmaking process and individual requirement of client.
For inert-gas blowing process and tapping process, Yanmu offers purging plug, seating block as well as filling sand respectively.
Apart from all the shaped refractory product mentioned above, Yanmu provides also complete set of unshaped refractory product for steel ladle: Refractory castable is used for the lip ring, side wall, bottom of monolithic ladle. Self-flow castable and Ramming mix are both used for the bottom filling, whereas the latter one is used for lip ring also. Shotcrete castable self-flow castable and gunning mix are both for patching with different addressed part of steel ladle. Last but not least, various refractory mortar is provided for different part or different type of brick.
Magnesia Carbon Brick for Wearing Lining of Steel Ladle

This product is manufactured from fused magnesia or big crystal fused magnesia and high-purity graphite as raw material plus phenolic resin as binder. It features good thermal shock resistance, slag corrosion and resistance and high thermal...

Al2O3-MgO-C Brick for Wearing Lining of Steel Ladle

This product is manufactured from fused magnesia, fused alumina and crystalline flake graphite as raw material plus resin as binder. It features excellent resistance to erosion of molten steel and corrosion of slag. It is therefore used exte...

Refractory Castable for Permanent Lining of Steel Ladle

This product is manufactured from fused alumina, premium bauxite, superfine powder and other additives. It provides protection and insulation for the outer shell of ladle and reduce its temperature up to 120C. This product features also good...

Purging Plug and Purging Seating Block of Steel Ladle

Purging plug is a porous element installed at the bottom of steel ladle, through which inert gas such as argon is blown. This product is manufactured from premium corundum-spinel or chrome-corundum, which is of high purity, high density and...

Inner (Upper) Nozzle and Collector Nozzle of Steel Ladle

Inner (upper) nozzle and collector nozzle are key components for a smooth mold- or continuous-casting operation, the service life ladle bottom is to a great extent determined by that of nozzle especially the inner nozzle. Spalling cause by s...

Nozzle Well Block for Steel Ladle

Well block (Seating block) of steel ladle is used together with nozzle of ladle. Yanmu provides well block based on chrome-corundum or corundum-spinel, and they both feature high thermal strength, good erosion corrosion resistance and long s...

Al2O3-C and Al2O3-ZrO2-C Sliding Plate for Steel Ladle

Sliding plate is a key element in steel ladle for smooth casting operation. Strong thermal shock, intensive mechanical abrasion, erosion and corrosion are the main wearing factors for this part. Yanmu provides series of sliding plates for th...

MgO-Spinel-C- and Non-oxides-Bonding-Sliding-Plate for Steel Ladle

MgO-Spinel-C sliding plate is manufactured from high-density and high-purity fused magnesia, high purity graphite and sintered magnesia-alumina-spinel as raw material plus phenolic resin as binder and anti-oxidants. It turns to end product a...

Refractory Castable for Monolithic Steel Ladle

While magnesia-carbon brick is used extensively for bricked steel ladle, castable is the main refractory product to form the wearing lining at the sidewall and bottom of monolithic steel ladle (Mg-C brick for slag line). Yanmus alumina-spine...

Shotcrete Castable for Steel Ladle

This shortcrete castable is an advanced refractory product, which is produced from fused alumina and fused spinel. The installation method is wet shotcreting. Certain carefully selected additives such as water-reducing admixture and rheologi...

Magnesia-based Ramming Mix for Steel Ladle

This product is manufactured from fused magnesia and certain additives. It is used for the lip ring and bottom filling of steel ladle....

High-Alumina and Corundum-Based Self-Flow Castable for Steel

High-alumina- and corundum based self-flow castables are advanced products for steel ladle, whose curing and densification during installation can be done without vibration, so that labor intensity and cost can be reduced significantly. Whil...

Gunning Mix for Steel Ladle

This product is manufactured from fused magnesia, premium dolomite, or spinel respectively plus certain admixture. It is used for the patching operation for slag line and other zone of steel ladle. The installation method is hot/cold gunning...

Taphole Filling Sand for Steel Ladle

This product is manufactured from premium chrome and silica sand plus certain admixture. It exhibits high self-pouring rate, high refractoriness and good fluidity. It enables therefore a smooth tapping operation and an enhanced safety of ope...

Refractory Mortar for Steel Ladle

Yanmu offered various refractory mortars, which are magnesia-, spinel-, fused alumina- and high alumina-based respectively and is used for refractory masonry construction in different part of steel ladle. It features an easy installation and...