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Tundish Furniture & Powder Refractories
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    Iron Making and Ferroalloy Metallurgy
    Steel Making
    Secondary Refining of Steel
    Continuous Casting & Tundish
    Non-ferrous Metallurgy
    Cement Kiln and Glass Kiln
    Refractory Raw Material
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In the following chapter some of Yanmu’s monolithic refractories, auxiliary materials (agents) and furnitures for tundish will be listed and elaborated individually.
Tundish Gunning Mix, Dry Vibration Ramming Mix and Refractory Castable

Yanmus tundish gunning mix for wearing lining is manufactured from high-quality magnesia, forsterite and/or dolomite with properly designed grain composition plus carefully formulated additives (binder, anti-spalling agent, plasticizer etc.)...

Mold Fluxes for Continuous Casting

Mold flux, also known as mold powder, is a fine powder used in mold for continuous casting. Its function includes isolating steel surface and preventing it from cooling and oxidation. It also maintains a low friction between steel shell and...

Covering Agent for Tundish

Tundish covering / protective agent is an unshaped refractory material, which is used in continuous casting process for thermal isolation, purification and preventing the re-sulfuration and re-oxidation of molten steel in tundish. Yanmus cov...

Tundish Impact Pad, Baffle, and Well Block

Impact pad is used in tundish to reduce the impact of incoming molten steel. It is thus designed to enhance the stability of the casting system, improves the casting operators safety and extends the tundishs service life. Baffle is set in th...